Frequently Asked

Q: What does Fotoliterate do?

A: Fotoliterate creates lifestyle images to your precise specifications – “real” people interacting in “real-life” situations, beautifully styled and lit, in the studio or on location.

Q: Who is Fotoliterate designed to serve?

A: Large companies for whom branding is an essential concern – and for any business or institution that can’t afford to compromise on quality and originality.

Q: Why should I have Fotoliterate shoot for me?

A: So that we can give you exactly what you’re looking for. So that you don’t have to conduct time-consuming searches online for images that may prove acceptable, but no better.

Q: Isn’t this an assignment?

A: It is, and Fotoliterate draws upon decades of experience producing powerful imagery for all sorts of media. We’re here to help you boost the value and consistency of your visual messaging by developing an image library you can make use of over and over again.

Q: Can Fotoliterate also design an image-based promotional campaign for my company?

A: Again, absolutely. We have several top marketing professionals as associates. Have us make a presentation.

Q: Anything that bears repeating?

A: Product placement! Stock photos can’t provide this; Fotoliterate can.

Q: Any else worth repeating?

A: Did we say that your company owns the images Fotoliterate creates? They’re part of your library, to be used at any time, for any purpose. Yours and yours alone. They won’t show up anywhere else.

Q: What happens when the pictures you’ve provided reach the end of their useful life?

A: License them directly to one and all, or have Fotoliterate consign them to stock agencies and manage the collections on your behalf.